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obama won just a year ago, governor, what do you think of what's happened there tonight? >> well, it's an out and out rout here in virginia. it's a rout because bob mcdonnell's campaign on common sense conservative principles on economic issues, jobs, energy, transportation, education, and those ideas resonated not only with the united republican party but also got a lot of independents to join with us as well. so it's a great message across the country that virginians are standing strong for freedom rather than debt, taxes and rationing and taxing of energy. sean: looks like you are having too much fun there, governor. >> yeah, well, we are. sean: as we look at this race, this is a rout here in virginia, in a state that barack obama won by six points. what's your interpretation of this? >> sean, there is no question about it. we are having a tremendous victory here tonight. what's interesting is that bob mcdonnell ran a positive solutions-based campaign. clearly the voters of the commonwealth have rejected the policies of the barack obama white house, of the nancy pelosi-led congres
the first anniversary of president obama's election. senior white house correspondent major garrett begins america's election headquarters coverage. >> president obama talked education in madison, wisconsin, but said nothing about election results that propelled republicans to victory in governors' races in new jersey and virginia. he also said nothing about the democratic victory and the special house election in upstate new york, but it was that triumph in new york's 23rd congressional district that senior advisor david axelrod seized upon in an interview with fox. >> the new york 23 race was the one race that was really a microcosm of the national debate. the other races in jersey, and in virginia were really state races, very much focused on state issues, and we think it sends a message to other democrats that when we stick together and we fight for the right things, we're going to do well. >> the white house, the republican national chairman and exit polls all agree. the results tuesday were not a referendum on president obama, but independent or young voters did not show up or voted
at that model. the question of what happened in the 23rd was people say they are sick of obama, what is going on with taxes and the deficit? so which model when you adopt if you were a candidate? -- which model when you adopt? -- would you adopt? brit: the crucial issue we are talking about in every state is economy. how much better is the economy likely to be in political terms? and the critical indicator there is always the unemployment rate. it is likely to remain quite high. this is likely to be the biggest issue in the 2010 election, and it will be very difficult for the democrats to overcome, as it is for any incumbent party or incumbent president at a time when the economy is bad or felt to be bad by the public. bret: a victory speech coming up, which really is the biggest story of the night, as we talked about, juan. you look about a state going red. and you have jon corzine, who spent tens of millions of his own money on the race, and you have a candidate in chris christie that some loathed as maybe not the best candidate, and here he is, winning this race -- that some thought was no
that the g.o.p. was flat on its back and wouldn't be able to recover and come out of the wilderness obama victory for months or years. now the first election called the g.o.p. has the win in their column. it raises questions what happens for democrats, particular lay creigh deeds democrat. moderate centrist from a blue dog state. there have to be concerns on the democratic party about whether or not the obama agenda and the democratic congressional agenda in washington makes it difficult for democrats to get elected in places that are red states or won by john mccain in 2008 or are just generally conservative. it is a cautionary tale out of virginia for democrats and one that prats republicans are purely delighted about. bill: that means that virginia was a blue state for just one year. and then i wonder what and we have to do some reporting on this for tomorrow. i wonder what the main issue was driving the vote in virginia. was it health care? was it afghanistan? i wonder what it was? do you know? >> well, there were a number of things. we know from the exit polls, for instance, that the
. this would be a huge achievement coming over a few months after obama carried virginia. today, mcdonnell cast a vote for himself. asked about today whether or not national events and issues have seeped into the contest and helped him, here is what he had to say. >> i do think that some of this overreaching of congress on taxes, spending, and regulation has been a clear point departure between me and my opponent. that has helped me in this election. >> democrat creigh deeds, a centrist from the southwestern part of the state, had a difficult time and addressing the obama coalition. he needs a big turnout from african-americans, young voters, and women to overcome what has been a big deficit in the polls. he was upbeat today, but he believes it is too close to call. they just went into the ballot with a minute ago. shepard: democrats and republicans have separate ideas about what this means. what is the reality? >> for republicans, it means the cannot only be contenders in the era of obama but it also means that democrats, particularly moderate centrists like creigh deeds could have problems in
of the governor of virginia. tonight you have hired me, thank you. >> reporter: president barack obama won the trust of the voters a year ago and now bob mcdonnell says he's ready to get to work. >> because we didn't get the results we wanted tonight doesn't mean we go home and wine. we go home and we fight and i'm fighting. >> reporter: deeds promises to give the people a vote in the senate. they are hurt by a weakened transportation system and budget. reporting live, i'm alex trevino for wusa9.com. >>> bill bowling won reelection as lieutenant governor over jodi wagner. he will work with the governor from his own party when mcdonnell takes over in j. >>> ken kuntinell will also take his new senate seat. >>> maryland also had local elections on tuesday. choosing mayors and city council eats. here's a couple of the local mayoral contests. the win here over susan hoffman, and a much wider margin of victory here, 73% of the vote over richard cooke. >>> a high school student hoping to take a seat on the city council. 18 just in time to run. he pushed for economic development at the new rockvi
, another governor's seat went gop. >> received a call from president obama who was exceptionally gracious and kind. >> quietly, democrats had to be a bit heartbroken. >> good morning. this is not quite the good morning i had hoped it would be. >> even if they put on a happy face. >> from my perspective, we won last night. >> appearances by president obama, bill clinton, joe biden, and al gore in the governors' races would indicate otherwise. they wanted to win badly, and voters simply did not bite. >> i think this is a signal that a better reconsider the direction of their policies. >> all this talk about the death of the party and it is over, it is crazy nonsense. >> the town hall meetings, the rallies. it is a real concern about this dangerous level of debt. >> exit polling showed more than half of the voters said president obama was not a factor in their decision. republicans insist it was a referendum, and they say if they can capitalize on these opportunities, that congress and even the white house will be in play. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> democrats came away with a big victory
deeds despite the obama endorsement, couldn't pull it over the line. he did not invigorate and energize african-american or young voters. as a consequence, lots of questions now about what it means for democrats and republicans across the country, beyond the berveds the old dominion. they may be worried that a moderate democrat such as creigh deeds was, may mean they will be in trouble too. and with some may put more distance between themselves and obama and cap and trade and other programs. remember there were questions after the obama question whether the republicans could come out of the wilderness. tonight, they are heading to the governor's office here for the first time in eight years. shepard: now let's get to new jersey. the polls closed less than an hour ago and now it is still too close for fox news to project a winner. jon corzine and chris christie, chris daget very far behind but expected to play some role tonight. shannon, what's the mood there at his headquarters in brunswick, new jersey? >> no one is celebrating here and probably not yet at the christie camp either becau
. this is a race in which c.i.a. deeds -- cree -- creigh deeds despite the obama endorsement, couldn't pull it over the line. he did not invigorate and energize african-american or young voters. as a consequence, lots of questions now about what it means for democrats and republicans across the country, beyond the berveds the old dominion. they may be worried that a moderate democrat such as creigh deeds was, may mean they will be in trouble too. and with some may put more distance between themselves and obama and cap and trade and other programs. remember there were questions after the obama question whether the republicans could come out of the wilderness. tonight, they are heading to the governor's office here for the first time in eight years. shepard: now let's get to new jersey. the polls closed less than an hour ago and now it is still too close for fox news to project a winner. jon corzine and chris christie, chris daget very far behind but expected to play some role tonight. shannon, what's the mood there at his headquarters in brunswick, new jersey? >> no one is celebrating here and proba
. >>> across iran anti-government protesters sit the streets and they got a message for president obama. >>> a florida casino calls a multimillion dollar jackpot a malfunction. we have the rest of that story. hi, everybody. chuck roberts on a wednesday. welcome. a convicted rapist facing multiple counts of murder, rape and kidnapping will stay behind bars indefinitely. a judge in cleveland has denied bond for 50-year-old anthony sowell. calling his alleged crimes gruesome. within the past week authorities have found the remains of at least ten people in and around sowell's home including a skull discovered in the basement. law enforcement officers appear disturbed by the killings. >> 23 years in law enforcement along with other guys with more time we've never seen anything like it so it's very challenging from an investigative standpoint, from an emotional standpoint for all of the investigators on the ground doing it, the coroner's office. so just emotional but the guys are -- the men and women are professional and they'll continue doing their job. >> neighbors say they complained of f
for the obama white house. >>> hospitals in our region will be under the watchful eye of lawmakers when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases. >>> and speed cameras. one of the deadliest counties for pedestrians decides to take steps to protect its residents. >>> good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday, november 4th, 2009. we have breaking news to begin our newscast. metro is currently experiencing a widespread power outage. it is affecting most of the transit system's computer systems. the following systems are affected and will impact your commute. update signs in rail stations have stopped working. the next bus system is down. fare boxes on bus systems are not working which means some riders will ride for free today and the rail line is affecting the debit card system which means unless you have cash on hand you will not be able to ride the metro trains. the website has also been affected. metro tells us they have no idea when the system will be up and running again. the only good news is that service on the buses and rails is not affected. stay tuned
the detainee's @ gitat gitmo? jon: republicans take the governor's seats in two states carried easily by obama last year. the biggest surprise was in new jersey, he became the garden state's first republican governor in more than one decade. in virginia bob macdonald trounces his democratic opponent by a margin of 18 points, even winning suburban washington, d.c. counties that went for the president in november. the white house press secretary said that the president is disappointed that his friend jon corzine was not reelected and that the democratic candidate in virginia had always been an underdog. the president did not watch election results last night, instead he took in an hbo special on the campaign that resulted in his election one year ago. carl, break it down for us. any similarities between what happened in virginia and new jersey? >> you have got to wonder what the president was watching from 2008 that was so fascinating that it was more fascinating than the votes being cast in 2009. first of all, the economy and all of that encompasses was on the mind of a vast majority of voters.
president obama with the presidency. this year, they clearly went for republican. if last night's republican sweep was any indication, democrats may have their work cut out for them in 2010. >> i am ready to go to work to serve you and to help lead virginia for the next four years. >> reporter: for the first time in eight years, virginia voters elected a gop candidate as their governor. bob mcdonald cruised to a landslide victory, but the big shocker came in the country's other race. >> hey, new jersey, we did it. >> reporter: former federal prosecutor chris christy snagged the governor seat in new jersey, becoming the first republican to do so in more than a decade and beating out jon corzine. >> we will work hard together to make sure that the transition is smooth, that we are able to do everything that serves the people of this great state. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail himself to try to give deeds and corzine a boost. despite the double losses, more than half the voters in both states said the president had nothing to do with their decision. >> i think it's a refere
of police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators and making several arrests. >>> president obama has a message for iran on this, the anniversary of that well-known hostage crisis. >> in a statement the president says iran needs to choose between focusing on the past or moving toward a brighter future. >> laura setrakian is in the mideast with a look at u.s./iran relations. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morng, jeremy and vinita. when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy, taking 63 americans hostage, they drove a wedge into u.s./iranian relations that's lasted more than 30 years. for 444 days the crisis continued. the hostage-takers called their captives guests of the ayatollah. they celebrated the embassy takeover as a victory against imperialism and the american super power. every year on the 4th of november iran's government commemorates the event with rallies against the u.s., the great satan in the eyes of the islamic revolution. this year the scene is more complicated. iran's government is railing against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over it
presidente barack obama lograra el triunfo, fueron elecciones muy reÑidas. en nueva jersey ha ganado chris christie. el partido demÓcrata pierde el cargo despuÉs de 12 aÑos en la gobernatura. en los resultados de virginia, el partido republicano obtuvo el 59% de la mano de mcdonnell. en nueva york bloomberg fue el ganador, es una reÑida competencia, pero serÍa la la tercera oportunidad en que bloomberg va a ganar la alcaldÍa. >> una mala noche para el partido demÓcrata en nueva jersey y virginia. un estado crucial en la victoria de para barack obama. >> los retos no desaparecen porque no obtuvimos los resultados que querÍamos, dice en su discurso de derrota. pidiÓ a los miembros de su partido que no se dieran por vencidos. los republicanos buscan reconstruirse luego de perder las elecciones nacionales en el 2006 y 2008. los independientes puede ser mÁs conservadores, porque el partido republicano ha movilizado a sus bases a salir a votar. >> en nueva jersey, el candidato demÓcrata que enfrentÓ una gran crisis fue derrotado por su opositor christie. en la ciudad de miami, tomÁ
. gretchen: the issues that mattered most to the voters, straight ahead. steve: meanwhile, president obama more likely watching the chicago's bull game last night. should he have been paying more attention? we're going to report and you are going to decide. brian: a corporate executive kicked out of first plas class for what he was wearing. >> i was handed the first class boarding pass. then it was pulled back out of my hand and given this original boarding pass. brian: wow. we're going to show you what he had on it might surprise you. meanwhile, our slogan from hazel in north carolina. yes, hazel, this is about you. "raise your flag, turn on the tube, watch "fox & friends" and get the news." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- steve: welcome aboard, folks, to studio e. it's an election postgame show. gretchen: exactly. it was a big one last night. if you're like me, you love staying up and watching exactly what is going to happen and how it's all going to be the morning after. well, for the g.o.p., two big wins
the negativity is over. bill: thank you, shannon bream. martha: the gop taking two states that president obama won in 2008. possible bellwether for the upcoming 2010 midterm? how do both parties look at things this morning? let's bring in a our editor of news, bill sammon. we just showed the number of independent voters in new jersey, and that is the headline. no one wins an election without them. is that the take away from last night? people running one year from now, do they need to be focusing on that as well? >> i think so. you saw a swing of the independent voters in both states. this is a sign of trouble for the democratic party as they look to the midterm elections. of course, history shows a first term president, his party loses a lot of seats in the first year's midterm. that has happened in virtually every single case. i think we can expect the historical trend to return next year if last night is any indication. martha: what did you think of the fact that the word from the white house was that he was "not wanting?" >> we found it hard to believe. the family went to see a concert and
se refleja es eso victoria en la presidencia de obama? ambos partidos o ffrecieron interpretación distinta. >>> como en toda elección los t analistas >>> no un adjudiindica que los republicanos, ganan muchísimo, porque todavía la relación tragos y membresia de este partido sdsigue perdiendo miembros. >>> la falta de votantes afectó a los demócratas dicen los que trabajaron muy ellos >>> perdimos pero no estamos derrotados, no estamos virginial 56 y 49% apoyan al presidente obama. y algunos votantes los factores de magás pesos fueron la cosa d la economía. >>> las propiedadeh@noticiero ue lekz 234lecciones se con vivirt asuntos locales que no in vol extiin vol skrarn involucraron al presidente. los demasiado kraeócratas perdi sector importante. en new jersey, blanca rosa vilches univisión. >>> hoy hace exactamente un año que barack obama ganós las elecciones presidenciales, el propio presidente hizo un balance de su trabajo durante un año plagado de retos difíciles. lourdes en washington nos cuenta lo que dijo y también lo que piensa algunos analistas sobre su gesti
of warlords. >> bounce back -- republican celebrate election victories. they say it is a vote against obama's liberal agenda. a rally on the 30th anniversary of the u.s. embassy siege in tehran but there are clashes with opponents of t regime. a new diplomatic front -- burma's military welcomes american officials and brings aung san suu kyi into the public eye. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and 430 p m in the afternoon in the afghanistan province where british forces suffered the deadliest day since combat operations began -- 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon in the afghanistan province. five soldiers shot dead by an afghan policeman. that's tragic news comes on a day former british minister published a criticism of britain's role in afghanistan and one down to play into the wider debate about the afghan project. >> the injured being helped in the aftermath. now entering the afghan police is a key role for british troops, along side of our other operations. the troops caught up in the attack were living side-by-side with their trainees at the checkpoint. an area where the taliban
. in virginia, in 2008 when barack obama took virginia, people under 30 were 21% of the electorate. today they were 10%. the black vote was 0% of all virginia votes last year. today it was 15%. the very coalition that put barack obama over the top is not showing up. >> democrats, though, still may make election history and richard lui i will take a look at a new york congressional race in just few meants and more on the wider implicationses of these elections. >>> more infants and young people are hospital leezed for the h1n1 flu, but in california, older people are more likely to die from it. a study in the journal of the american medical association says the fatality rate from h1n1 in california is around 11%, 2000 people over 50, the fatality rate is as high as 20%. the study looked at california cases from april to august. >>> on the 30 lt anniversary of the iranian hostage crisis, president obama said that he wants to move beyond the past and build a relationship with iran based on mutual interests and mutual respect. u.s./iran relations have been hostile since the day islamic studen
bob mcdonacdonnell be the first since 2002. obama was the first democrat to win there in more than four decades. in new jersey incumbent jon corzine lost to chris christi. here's ari fleischer on what this might mean for the obama administration and democrats. >> the first year of any presidential election or midterm right after a presidential party in power, almost always suffers big losses. that's what you can anticipate if history is any guide. here's the killer statistic if i'm a democrat. in virginia in 2008 when barack obama took virginia, people under 30 were 21% of the electorate. today they were 10%. the black vote was 20% of all virginia votes last year. today it was 15%. the very coalition that put barack obama over the top is not showing up. >> but democrats still may make election history. correspondent richard lui will take a look at a new york congressional race in a few minutes and more on the wider implications of these elections. >>> more infants and young people are hospitalized for swine flu but in california older people are more likely to die from it. a study
to the polls. independents who backed obama last november voted two to one for bob mcdonnell. virginia is overwhelming voicing their support for bob mcdonnell and the gop. is the first time in 12 years republicans have swept all offices. >> thank you. >>> republicans are also in charge of the other top two seeds. bill bolling gathered 56% over jody wagner. and in the attorney general race, ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over democrat steve shannon with 50% of the vote. >>> republicans also captured the other race, in new jersey. chris creasing it beat jon corzine with nearly 49% of the vote. he is the first republican to win a statewide contest in that heavily democratic state. the democrats managed to pull off a win in new york's 23rd congressional district. doug hoffman lost with about 49% of the vote. republican dede scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the democrat and still picked up six% of the te. >>> we have complete coverage of all races. lock onto wjla.com. >>> a tragic end for three college softball players. the women were found dead last night. their jeep was pu
>> in washington, a year ago today, america voted barack obama as president. a year later, a possible setback for the president. >> time to start planning for the weekend. the forecast as to 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we would get to other big stories in just a moment. thus check the forecast with tony pann. >> [unintelligible] it is called this morning, but i think it will be a very nice weekend. sunrise is the best time of the day when it is crisp and clear like that. beautiful shot there. it is crisp but cold and clear. he may have to scrape some frost off your windshield. 33 at the airport. shooting for a high of a 55. it should stay dry near baltimore. there may be summer rain showers late this afternoon. we will look at the forecast for the weekend when we come back in a few minutes. let's say good morning to sarah. >> that was a beautiful shot. here is what we are dealing wi
that voted for president obama now sliding over to the red column. in virginia, republican taking erased from his democratic opponent by a margin of 18 points. he even won the county's that went for president obama loss of it appeared in new jersey, republican chris christie beating back a deep-pocketed incumbent and a full-court press from the white house, too. the garden state's first republican governor in more than a decade. one bright spot for the democrats -- they did win a hotly contested special election for new york's third congressional district. bill owens edging out a conservative candidate who had the backing of gop stars. our chief political correspondent is alive for us in newark, new jersey. what does the christie when say about the national political landscape? >> they prefer to focus on new jersey issues, they say. a humbled posture for a win after a big surprise and a real upset ousting the democratic incumbent governor. christie today is going to come to a charter school in newark in a part of the city that is heavily democratic, lots of minority voters, not the kind of pl
of this great state. >> reporter: president obama hit the campaign trail himself to give deeds and corzine an extra boost. despite the losses, more than half the voters said it had nothing to do with president obama. it was one year ago today where a record number of voters carried president obama to his historic victory. they did in the all turn out this time around. >> the people that came out to vote for president obama in 2008, young people and african- americans were not there. >> reporter: the key now for democrats may be reenergizing those voters in time for the mid term mid-term elections next year. in washington, whit johnson, wjz eye witness news. >>> a record win for mayor bloomberg last night. many voters expressed anger over his big campaign spending. bloomberg changed term limit laws to stay in office. he will be the first third-term mayor. >>> and the win in maine where voters shot down the law for same sex marriage. we have more on wjz.com. >>> we are checking out a police-involved shooting in cecil county in the town of northeast. a 50-year-old man was throwing rocks at pa
reflect how people are feeling about president obama and the democrats now that they're in power or not. they could just be election results after all. the big races tonight are in new jersey and the commonwealth of virginia. and there are others. we begin tonight with our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd. chuck, the polls have just closed in virginia. a whole bunch of people from washington to richmond and beyond waiting for those results. >> that's right. in our exit poll, we can tell you this, republican bob mcdonell is leading. but we're not ready, it's too early to call this race, but he is leading democrat creigh deeds. now, virginia, as you said, one of a handful of states where there are some elections today, and these are the first ones on president obama's watch. and while there's always a danger, as you pointed out, of reading too much into these local races, the greater danger for both political parties will be reading too little. voters went to the polls today in a handful of states, and even though president obama wasn't on the ballot, his
bastiones republicanos, en donne el presidente barak obama habia logrado importantes victorias hace un ano al convencer a los votantes independientes.... asi estan las pricipales victorias en virginia: bob mc donnell es el proximo gobernador del estado quien gano por un amplio margen contra creigh deeds... mientras tanto, el republicano bill bolling fue elegido a un segundo periodo, derrotando a la democrata jody wagner.. bolling es el primer vice gobernador que se postula por la reeleccion desde 1993.. otra importante victoria que gano por un amplio margen es la contienda por fiscal general del estado.. senador estatal procedente de fairfax, el republicano ken cuccinelli fue quien resulto victorioso... mientras tanto en el distrito 52 del condado de prince williams, el democrata luke torian, resulto ganador de un escano para la camara de representantes al derrotar a rafael lopez, unos de los pocos latinos que participo de la contienda politica... en otras importates votaciones en annap''b en democrata josh choen logro ganar la alcaldia ''i!de la ciudad al derrotar al candidato republi
chosen the gop candidate as their next governor. >> president obama had campaigned for the democrats in both races. viviana hurtado is joining us from washington for what those results might mean for the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vinita and jeremy. political analysts say the results are not a referendum on the president but on the state of the economy. republicans will be moving into the governor's office both new jersey and virginia. >> tonight you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: bob mcdonnell beat creigh deeds in virginia. chris christie ousted incumbent jon corzine in new jersey. >> we know the challenges we face and over the next four years we'll have our work cut out for us. >> reporter: these states helped the president take the white house last year. the gop says the defeat of democratic candidates is a referendum on mr. obama, but exit polls suggest otherwise. in virginia and new jersey about half of voters approved of the president's handling of his job and most say he was not a factor in their votes. the fault line was the weak economy. a
a few months ago. >> one year into his presidency, the honeymoon appears to be over for barack obama. the republican party has claimed victories in the states of new jersey and virginia. republicans are talking about a comeback could double this change the shape of the -- republicans are talking about a comeback. could this change the shape of politics? how important is this for barack obama and the democrats? >> the republicans are saying that this is a slap against the government in washington. critics say that this was about local issues. this was not about barack obama and his style of government. i think that the democrats and mr. obama have to be worried about some things that we learned in the exit polls. a lot of independent voters who helped propel barack obama went to the right. when they came out of the polling stations, they cited the massive growth in government spending, the deficit, the economy. they are going towards the conservative vote. also, a lot of young voters that came out in strength in 2008 were simply not there when you look at virginia and new jersey. >> t
. >> reporter: one year after the voters of new jersey and virginia helped elect barack obama president, they reversed course last night, handing their states' top jobs to republicans. national g.o.p. chairman michael steele said today his party has found its voice again. >> as recently as a couple of >> the republican renaissance has begun. it has begun in earnest, in which we put our faith in the hopes and dreams of the american people to rebuild our economy from the bottom up, not the big deficit spending plans and policies of the politicians in washington or our state capitals. >> reporter: virginia republicans, including former attorney general bob mcdonnell, swept the night-- mcdonnell by a nearly 20-point margin over democratic state senator creigh deeds. >> eight months ago, i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you! ( applause ) >> reporter: president obama campaigned repeatedly for both deeds in virginia and new jersey governor jon corzine, but it wasn't enough to sway independent voters, especially in virginia. still, white house spo
, partying a little too. they swept yesterday's tight gubernatorial races. last year president obama was the first democrat to win in virginia in more than four decades. then in new jersey, incumbent jon corzine lost to republican chris christi. mr. obama campaigned hard for corzine, trying to help him. both parties spoke to cnn about this. >> last night was an example of what happens when elected officials and others don't pay attention and don't listen to what people out there are saying. we're listening and we're paying attention at the gop, and we're going to build off last night and hopefully bring more victories home last year. >> i think you need to read these as local races with local concerns. that's traditionally been the way these races have gone in the years after the presidential race. but the president is quite popular in both new jersey and virginia. >> watching those two gop wins, democrats still made some election history, a big upset in new york and the wider implications, what it means to you. >>> now to a missing pregnant woman that has been found dead, her body d
] [applause] shepard: that is president obama, speaking on education in madison, wisconsin. now the news begins a new, this is "studio b." one man was found with at least 10 remains of human beings in and around his home. he will not be going anywhere for now. he appeared in court this morning, he was called by the judge an incredibly dangerous threat to the public. the police arrested him last week after a woman reported that someone raped her in his home. investigators quickly found what they described as six rotting corpses. they said that some of the remains had been in a home for years. the police said that they kept looking around the house and they found four more bodies in the human skull. some of the neighbors said that a bad smell had been coming from the place a few months ago. today the search continues. jamie is outside his home in cleveland. any updates from the police search of the property? >> at this point police believe the day of searched all the areas possible outside of the home, now they say they're going to dismantle the entire house. they still believe potentially
be an ominous development for the-year-old obama administration. republicans were elected governor last night in two important states. but other than preferring both candidates to the democrats were voters across the country last night trying to say something else? there is evidence of an angry electorate out there. and we begin here tonight with our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. hey, chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. you know, in the days leading up to this election the white house tried to downplay its significance. but when the results came in, the white house suddenly responded quickly, as if to say message received. more than any other issue the economy was what was in front of voters' minds yesterday. >> thank you. >> reporter: 85% of virginia voters and 90% of new jersey voters said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy. it's what propelled republicans bob mcdonnell and chris christie to their victories in both states. >> everybody is worried about the economy. of course they are. we're in the worst econ
barack obama and the democrats. we are seeing that independent voters were really key. they preferred mcdonnell by nearly a 2-1 ratio over democrat creigh deeds. the exit poll showed this was different from the 2008 election when independents in virginia split. down the middle between the two parties. it was clear early in this campaign that mcdonnell was becoming the favorite. poll after poll showed the republican candidate leading the race. mcdonnell said the numbers didn't matter and he encouraged voters to get out on election day. last night, he thanked them and talked about his plans for the state. >> leading virginia will require innovation and cooperation. my promise to you as governor is the same as my promise to you as candidate for governor. and that is to strengthen the free enterprise system, to create more jobs and opportunity so that every virginian can use their god- given taalents to pursue the american dream if liberty here in this great commonwealth. >> reporter: president obama, of course, was the first democrat in 44 years to win in virginia but this time around, v
trending democratic for the last five statewide races giving a big boost to president obama last year for the election. what was it about mcdonnell that spurred this change this time around? >> sean, when you look at these numbers, one things comes clear off the page. the owe bomb voter -- owe obama voters that registered last year didn't turn out this year. nearly half a million new voters entered the rolls last year with barack obama in the ballot, both during the primary and in the general election. clearly a lot of voters stayed home tonight. we are seeing voter totals maybe inching over the 20% mark. now 49% of voters turned out last year at this time. that didn't happen tonight and it hurt the democrats. >> tom fitzgerald live in richmond. thank you. >>> now to the democrats. creigh deeds' campaign headquarters. he conceded about an hour ago. maureen, what did deeds say about his defeat? >> reporter: he says he will continue fighting for virginians, as you can see behind me this barrett is over. they are packing up. they started doing that almost an hour ago, soon after the cand
election of president barack obama one year ago, republicans scored big wins last night in two key states that the president carried. virginia and new jersey. our washington bureau reporter has the latest results. >> after a neck-and-neck race, republican chris christy pulled out the winner in new jersey. -- win new jersey. >> this is about the future of the state we love, new jersey. >> his victorious despite his competitor that campaign with the president several times. another win. >> my promise to you as governor is at the same as my promise to you as a candidate for the position. >> just because we did not get the right result tonight is not mean we can get home and unwind. we have to keep working. >> democrat picked up new york for a win. there was a contentious special election. >> we sent the message loud and clear, it put aside partisanship and declared we are ready to move forward not backward. >> last night's results prove to voters are paying attention to the administration, but the white house says it does not think it provide any insight into what will happen in next year's
are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true there can be no agreement without china and india. but i'm convinced once we and europe and america show ourselves ready to adopt binding agreements, we will also be able to persuade china and india to join in, and then in copenhagen we shall be able to overcome this wall separating the present and future in the interest of our children and grandchildren, and in the interest of sustainable development all over the world. ladies and gentlemen, i'm convinced just as we found the strength in the 20th century to bring about the fall of the wall made of concrete and barbed wire, we shall now show the necessary strength to overcome the wal
. this is not a referendum on president obama. >> you say that when you're losing. >> reporter: polls have suggested an enthusiasm gap with republicans more fired up about their candidates. >> my husband just got out of the hospital and i said you've got to go whether you feel like it or not. >> how much enthusiasm do you have for creigh deeds? >> probably not as much as tie did for the presidential election. it really has to do a lot with the fact that he is definitely a democrat. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: now we could just report this to you right this moment. cbs news estimates that bob mcdonnell leads his -- is leading in the early exit polls, but again that's just exit polls. those are not real votes and cbs news is only estimates that bob mcdonnell is leading in those early exit polls and that's just into us. derek, back to you. >> bruce leshan back in richmond. let's get to creigh deeds -- he behind in the polls but peggy fox joins us with that part of our election coverage. peggy? >> reporter: i can tell you creigh deeds did have a smile on his face but he did not look relaxed. h
, president obama, al gore. it seemed like it just was not enough regardless of what kind of show they put on and it seemed like creigh dee never really hit his stride. here is what he had to say. >> we lose an election but we do not give up. we still have flight, spirit, and things to say. there are still people that need a voice, and we are going to give them that voice. >> bob mcdonnell would not say it tonight, but his surrogates sure would. they used the word "referendum." one told me that all of this talk that the gop was dead, he said that it is "crazy talk." he said this election indicates there is a different story out there tonight. >> thank you, scott several other key races were decided in virginia as well. >> the next lieutenant governor will also be a republican. bill bolling defeated democrat jody wagner. bolling has 56% of the vote. >> ken cuccinelli has been declared the winner over steve shannon. >>> the new jersey governor did what he could to hang onto his seat, but in the and it was not enough. chris christie has been declared the winner there. christie up 49%. >>> ton
or new jersey. >> the news was a disappointment for democrats. in a state where president obama won just last year and campaigned with democrats creigh deeds is an election cycle -- this election cycle, it is republican bob mcdonnell that will be the next governor. >> tonight's great victories a clear sign that we, the people, are fed up with the obama,'s, mccain agenda. -- the obama pelosi kaine agenda. >> i do not believe that the elections in virginia and new jersey portend a lot about the legislative success or political success in the future. i just do not. >> political success was a definite struggle for the president's fellow democrat. in the usual democratic stronghold of new jersey, incumbent john corzine fell to a republican chris christie. a drop out this weekend after a major split between gop conservatives and moderates. bill owens could be the first democrat elected to that congressional districts since the 1800's it began over -- if he can overcome the conservative candidates. with the polls now closed, it seems this been will begin. -- the span will begin. >> there are co
after democrats swept to power on the coattails of president obama, yesterday voters gave republicans key victories in two races for governor. while the white house says this year's vote is not a referendum on the president, an emboldened gop is already setting its sights on next year's midterms. nbc's kristen dahlgren reports. >> reporter: the news was a disappointment for democrats. in the state where president obama won just last year and campaigned with democrat this election cycle. >> thank you. thank you. thank you, friends in virginia. >> reporter: it is republican bob mcdonnell who will be the next governor. >> tonight's eat victory is a clear sign that we, the people, are fed up with the obama/pelosi/mccain agenda. >> reporter: early in the day the white house rejected the notion he would be. >> i don't believe that local elections in virginia and new jersey pretend a lot about legislative success or political success in the future. i just don't. >> reporter: but political success was a definite struggle for the president's fellow democrats. usual democratic stronghold of new
be a differen response? >> what does the obama administration believe is an appropriate use of rendition? >> the - what know so far is th the obama administration intends continue the process of rendition, but were hopeful that it wille not rendition to rture, but, rather, rendition to criminal trial. >> you mean extraordinary rendition is off the table, that's not goingto happen? >> well, weave reason to belie that the obama administration will not alwing the cia, will not be allowing any of its operatives to tnsfer individualso countries where they m be subjted to torture. but rendition, are old, will continue to criminal prosecuon in various countries that the individual may besent to. >> should thenited states be rendering terror suspects to overse justice? what's the point of it? >> the unid states shouldn't be renderinganyone anywhere unless is pursuant to a judicial process in the country in which the rson was picked up. every indidual on the planet has a right toe free from arbiary detention. andifou are denied judicial press at the point of pture, then that's a dnapping and i
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